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Sunday, June 27, 2010

110 Invitations - Done!

A friend asked me to create Retirement Party Invitations for her mom's party. She said she needed 50, so I planned to keep the design simple but elegant for her... But 50 turned into 100... And 100 turned into 110! I soon learned that even a simple dezign is a dezign nonetheless & takes many hours to complete. I deliver the order later on today & I am hopeful my hours of "hard" labor will be appreciated.


  1. LOL...I learned that lesson with my dad's bday invitations. 30 became 75; and yes, they took many hours, so I feel your pain. All of your hard work shows; your invitations are lovely!

  2. Your design is great - I hope the party was a big success!

    What a big job that was for you - congratulations on getting them done.


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