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Thursday, June 17, 2010

I'm back... and the challenge is on!

I have been away from my blog from a while, but I have been inspired by my sistas to get back in the swing - really to get it going, as I hadn't done much with it before LOL!

Well, in the time that I have been away, I have begun to perfect my craft & really launch my business. I have also become addicted to that wonderful toy called the Cricut! It is such a wonderful accessory to any crafters arsenal - if you don't have one, you should definitely check it out.

Anyhoo, I realized that I have been spending way too much money on this toy & its extras - the cartridges! I went from 28 to 44 in a few months and that is not a small amount of money. Luckily, I don't believe in buying anything full price & I do believe that you can buy things from anywhere they sell it... so I will find deals in some unlikely places at times (that's another entry all together). To get my life back together, I decided to stop my craft spending for June, July, & August, with the only exception being if I need supplies to complete an order. With June officially halfway over, I haven't done too bad, but I haven't gone cold turkey either.

I have successfully stopped my Cricut cartridge purchases (but, if I find Life's a Beach on ebay for less than $20, it's mine) by issuing a challenge to myself to utilize all of the cartridges I currently have in a new porject before I can buy another new one (with the Life's a Beach exception mentioned above). So far it's a slow start because orders are coming in that have needs outside of my carts, but I will keep on pushing... and posting the fruits of my labor here. Stay tuned!!!

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