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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fun Times with My Mini Me

I saw a YouTube video where the crafter was using her Cricut & Reynolds Freezer Paper to make a t-shirt. I had heard about this, but hadn't tried it. So, with a few days off ahead of us, I got with my daughter and picked out a sentiment from my new Rock Princess Cricut cartridge. She chose "Too Hot 2 Handle" and if you know her, you know that this sentiment is too true LOL!

We looked at the video one more time to make sure we knew what we were doing & headed upstairs to the ironing board. Once the outer ouline was in place on the shirt, I used the actual sentiment cut out to help line up all the little pieces (the inner pieces of the Os, space s in the flames, etc.) but made sure not to iron it on. My daughter was ready to paint before we even had the design on good. She first painted the entire sentiment in orange and went back after it dried to add the red accents.

This one came out so well, we will be making a few more for friends & family. I'll be sure to post them when we're done!


  1. You guys did a very nice job! I haven't tried doing this yet, but I would love to for some of our Disney tshirts!

  2. This is really great. I love the color chose used for the saying. Great job. Another project on my list to try.


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