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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

And The Award Goes To... and a Blog Hop!

So I was reading through my Google reader, enjoying the creativity of all of my virtual friends & I came across Amy's post from Frugal Cricut Scrapper and... She presented me with an award!

Your blog has been deemed Cricut-tastic. Wear this badge proudly on your blog and share it with friends. Share this award with 10 people that you think have Cricut-tastic blogs. You also have to tell 5 cricut related things about yourself.

  1. I fell in love with Cricut from an infomercial. I then found a friend who had one. And, I was determined to get one once I started researching and watching Youtube videos.
  2. I love, love, love Design Studio (the Gypsy is cool too, but I fell in love with CDS).
  3. I have 4 Cricut machines - 2 baby bugs, my Expression, & a Cake.
  4. I can't wait for the Cricut Craft Room to launch (or at least for my beta group to come up LOL) - see #2.
  5. My favorite Cricut cuts are swirls & butterflies, so most of the cartridges I have have these cuts or sentiments/titles.
  1. PKay
  2. CraftyNetta
  3. Diane
  4. Cassie
  5. Tangee & Tammy
  6. Dee
  7. NubianCrafterNC
  8. TSREL
  9. Trell
  10. Christel
Oh, and before I forget! I am hosting a blog hop on May 21-22, 2011. The theme is "Something New" and it's open for interpretation. This is the season for weddings, lots of baby showers, graduates getting out into the world... you can see where I'm going with this. If you are interested in being a part of this hop (I'm thinking May 21-22), send me an email at mycraftz at aol dot com with your name, blog name & blog address. Hope you all can join me! {If you aren't interested in being a part of the hop, be sure to come by that weekend to check us out!}


  1. Congrats on your reward! I also have Design Studio but have no idea how to use it! It came with a package deal when I bought the Cricut. Your post has inspired me to play around with it more!


  2. @Susan - you will love it! I have found that with the basic cartridges, you can make just about anything (if you fiddle around with it enough).

    Thanks to you both on the congrats!

  3. Congrats on your award! I will email you my blog information. I'm gonna give this blog hop a whirl.

  4. **You Won the Cricut Circle Membership over at Jazzy's Cards []!!**


  5. Congrats and thank you for selecting my blog..I will update it today


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